Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Enlai 3D

Enlai en 3D!! Ya pesa 3.2 libras!! Que Guapo!!

Enlai in 3D!! He is already 3.2 lbs!! How cute and handsome!!


Navarro's said...

Hey, he looks like Mike. Just Kidding, it's hard to tell.

Claudia Villegas said...

Esta muy.... chulo, se ve que su mama esta comiendo muyyyy bien!!!! esta chonky!!!! o no?

Claudia Villegas said...

Se ve que su mama esta comiendo muyyy bien, si no no estaria dan Chonky!!!!
Bueno creo k se le nota mas a la mama
esta reeeedondita!!! Te quiero mi negrita, cuidate y come muchas frutas y verduras........tu tia C.

Sheprosaurus's said...

Hey "Sister Navarro"...I guess it's Sister Rod now. This is Sister Clements, now Sister Shepro from your mission. I just wanted to say congrats on the baby and I am so glad to have found you. Hope all is going well. Robyn

Patrick and Kim said...

Hey...cute family... congratulations!!! from sis van veluwen