Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Bueno, como muchos de uds ya saben, lily y yo nos casamos 7.7.07. YA PASO UN ANO!! Estamos SUPER felices porque ya tenemos nuestro primer hijo con nosotros y todo esta bien!!

Vemos fotos de nuestro aniversario hasta ayer!! =)

Tummy Time!!

Grandma's in town and Cousins!!!

Hi Grandpa!!

Hi Jessica!!

I think we are to big for the stroller Izzy...=)

Uncle Pups holding Enlai for the 1st time!!

Jessica is a ROCKSTAR!!!

Jayda is super ADORABLE!!

Hi Grandma & We see you back there...=)

Jayda gets a Dora ball for being super CUTE!!

Jessica got blocks for taking pictures with Enlai...=)

Where did Jayda go...?

Grandpa and the 3 grandaughters...=)

Jessica loves her cousin Enlai....=)

Enlai's 1st bottle ever....did not like it at ALL!!

Enlai enjoyed the show at Benihana's where Lily and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary!!

The top of our cake has been in the freezer for the last 365 days!!

And it was GOOD!!!

This a picture of Klaudia at camp, you might have to click on the picture and look for her....=)

Danny liked Enali's bouncer...=)

Hi little cuz....=)

Izzy liked to be with Stephen only after a little treat...=)

Grandpa was in town again!!

So Grandpa's little sidekick was there to hang out...=)

Here we are waiting for the NEW BATMAN MOVIE to start. It was opening night and we were estatic!!! The Drive-in has let Lily and I enjoy the movies without having to run out of a movie theater!! =)

Enlai's aunt Toni took him and us out to the Phoenix Zoo and Enlai was asleep for most of it but enjoyed the outside!!

Enlai LOVES the water and he loves to kick and swim!! He then gets tired...

And falls asleep!! That must feel GOOD!!

Uncle Stephen was in town and ready to change diapers and hang out!!

Grandpa & Grandma also brought a new swing for Enlai and he is starting to enjoy it...=)

2 Month Shots!! Enlai cried when the nurse held down his legs and then poked him 3 times and gave him one oral shot. Mommy was able to hold him and take care of him. Here is his 1st band aid...=) Enlai is a CHAMP!!!

Sleeping in the water!!

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