Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy as can BE!! :)

Enlai is now 2 years and being a boy. Aiko is 6 months and crawling into everything.

Picture perfect!

Smiles are like sunshine.

Movie time.

Good morning!!

Chatting at the zoo.

Off to see the sunrise.

Off to school.

Cute as can be!

Aiko is such a sweetheart. She is all smiles!

I like pictures!

Crawling into everything, already climbing, and speed walking in the walker.

Posing for us.

New hair do.

New toy at Chuck E Cheese.

Loving the high chair, independent.

Ready to go swimming, supermodel!


She is our sunshine!

Like my nails?My Titi did them for me ;)

Our Big boy!

Turtle time! Wataaaaa!

Chilling with Daddie.

Mommie & me.

This is us :)


katieg said...

I love seeing pictures of your kids! They are always so happy and smiling. You have such a cute family.

Nate and Roberta said...

Your kids are getting so big. I wish we lived closer so our kids could hang out. Hope you guys are doing well. Happy Holidays!

Nate and Roberta Stevens