Friday, May 23, 2008

Enlai are you coming?

Well as most of you know, we are still waiting for the arrival of our first son!! We are SUPER excited because we know we will soon have him in our arms (hopefully) within the next week!! =)

Lily and Claudia just got out of school and are starting to enjoy their summer vacations! The weather here in Phoenix (Mesa) has gone from 112 degrees to 52 degrees right now. It rained and cooled everything down! It has been one crazy week.

Well, just wanted to give everyone a quick update and we will soon look forward to holding our son and taking TONS of pictures!!

Bueno, como muchos ya saben, todavia estamos esperando la llegada de nuestro primer hijo!! Estamos SUPER emocionados porque ya sabemos que lo tendremos en nuestros brazos pronto!! =)

Lily y Klaudia apenas salieron de la escuela y ya empazaron a disfrutar sus vacaciones! El clima aqui en Phoenix (Mesa) ha estado de 112 grados a 52 grados. Esta lloviendo y ahora esta fresco!

Bueno, queria compartir las noticias y estamos esperando la llegada de nuestro hijo y sacaremos un MONTON de fotos!!

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Navarro's said...

Come on Enlai! We can't wait for your arrival!