Monday, June 2, 2008

Enlai Keanu Rodriguez

You can click on this to see his hospital info:

He is here!!! Lily and I are SUPER happy and i love to know that we have our son with us and that everything is ok!!
He was born May 29th at 11:20 PM and weighed 7lbs 15oz. Lily is one of the last REAL WOMEN in the world. I still cannot believe after ALL i saw, that she did it natural and without any drugs! I love my wife and my son with all my heart and i am truly grateful and blessed i will be with both of them for eternity!! =)
Enlai is a Champion as well and i will explain all the pictures as soon as i get a little more time to do so, but he is doing GREAT and EATING TONS!!!
We have had tons of visitors and help and we will update our blog with more pictures soon! =)

The pictures start upon our arrival at the hospital and end at this morning!!

Enlai was born at Mercy Gilbert...

This is upon arriving at the hospital and Lily
Going through a contraction...

They let Lily eat one more meal before GO TIME!!
Here is Lily going through harder contractions
and making the sign language sign for I LOVE YOU!!
This is Enlai about 10 seconds old...=)
Chio, Debs, and Danny were here to visit...
Lily's Parent's were also in town visiting their
new grandson!!

Lupe also made a surprise visit which was very nice!!
Toni and Izzy came by to see Enlai as well....

Enlai is taking his hearing test and he passed...

And he was awake for the whole thing...

This is part of the 2nd night, Michael tried to stay
up taking pictures and because Lily needed to sleep...

This was Enlai's first car ride, he likes the truck
better than the car...

Most of the family was there at church for the
Baby Blessing. 2 1/2 days old is a new record...=)



Stacie said...

Lily, Mike, Enlai,
Congratulations! Enlai is gorgeous, you can already see his personality emanating through all of the pictures :) Enjoy your special special special time with each other!
Love you all LOTS!

L.P. said...

Congratulations...we are so proud of both of you. May the Lord continue to bless you all forever...

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