Thursday, January 15, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!

Enlai's FIRST Christmas was full of family, loved ones and lots of fun times!!

It was nice to spend the Holidays with loved ones and LOTS of good food everywhere we went.

We have the blessing of enjoying 3 Christmases, this was our first, Christmas eve with the Navarro's.

Eating chicken soup with Tata. This is better than baby food. MMM...

Chillin with G-papa. Go Steelers!!

Playing with Granpa Triana.

This is our handsome baby...What can I say I think he's absolutely ADORABLE...

7 months and looking good in his outfit Tio Lupe got him.

Presents for me???

Nice!! Can I eat these???

They're communicating..not sure what there conspiring...

It was really neat to see Enlai and his cousin Danny get along.. Danny was soo cute and protective of him.

The boyz and there kul hats.

Enlai was facinated by my brother Xio's dogs..Danny was spotting him, making sure everything was ok.

An ADORABLE pair....

The "thing" for us over the holidays was playing Tetris..This is the Navarro's from oldest to youngest playing away. (Wasn't planned, my dad caught it)

We also celebrated Lupe's B-day..He's getting old. =) They love each other!!

Dad & KK playing "I Beat You Mine is Bigger than Yours", created by her and Debbie.

Getting some loving from the Perez gal & Nana.

My Tio Stephen is lots of fun!!!

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The Navarro's said...

Ahhh, we miss you guys! Danny found the sippy cup Enlai was using while he was here and started signing, "baby". It was so cute!