Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CLASS OF 2010!!!!!!!

You did it!!! KK graduated this past Thursday and is now all grown up, or working on it :).

KK I love you like a fat kid loves chocolate and THANK the Lord everyday for allowing me to be your sister. You are inspirational and will continue to touch the lives of many. I am sooo proud of you for completing school early and getting a head start. WE LUV YOU!!!! uggie..

Aiko is now 4 months & Enlai is now 2 years!!!
I'm 2..

This is my new pet friend...

This is my new play buddy...ok, she's not new but she's being more daring ;)

Enlai was not the only one having fun.

mmm...ice cream cake!

Fun Times!!!

La bella..

Fun in the sun.

What a site, wearing there Sunday best!
Lu'an, Enlai & Aiko.

Gila Valley, AZ Temple open house. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

My hubby and father did a Great job installing grass in our yard and sprinklers. It looks nice!

My hubby and father planted a garden when we first moved in and it is so exciting to start getting our own home grown veggies..the watermelon is coming!!!
our garden.
1st radishes.
1st squash.
1st Zucchinis.
heyyy...I am 4 months now....

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Nate and Roberta said...

It is so fun to see your family grow. Congratulations to KK on her graduation.

Lily, a family just moved into our Spanish branch. It was kind of funny because the wife told us that she served a mission at Temple Square and we told her that we had a friend that looks just like her (you) that served there too. Turns out she served at the same time as you and knows who you are. Her first name is Claudia and her maiden name starts with an M but I don't remember exactly what it is. Anyway... Small world.