Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun!!!

This summer all our young siblings graduated from high school ;). We had the opportunity to go to El Paso for the graduations and some summer fun with family. C.C. & Stephen CONGRATS!!! Onto bigger and better things.

Enlai loves hanging out with his girl cousins, they spoil him.

Aiko was enjoying all the love.

Roller coaster ride at Chuck E Cheeses.

Reading with Tio Stephen & Tania.

More fun with the twins and Danny.

Boys will be boys. Climbing and wrestling. Loads of fun.
The Navarro's Angels.
Fun at the park..

With granpa Frank and Danny.

Aiko had her own fun too with granpa and daddie.

Emma & Ella where as beautiful as ever enjoying the park too.

We also had a little family gathering to celebrate Enlai's second birthday.

Thanks Heidi and Kim for the cool cake!

and thanks to everyone that came to join the fun.
Enlai & Aiko riding away.
Fun with Jessica & Jayda.

Being silly.

Tata enjoying his grandkids.

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